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HAKO Elektronik was established in 2012 and provides special technical service for INFICON gas leak detectors, which are used by refrigerant manufacturers and automotive manufacturers in gas leakage control. It is the Turkey distributor of FT S.R.L, our Italian partner since 2020. It supplies charge – discharge units , transfer pumps , ultrasonic welding machines , performance and electrical test units for HC , HFC , HCFC gases and provides technical and insurance services .

Why Insurance System?

Thanks to the insurance system we have specially developed for INFICON gas leak detectors, companies do not have to keep an extra stock of spare parts and consumables when using INFICON gas leak detectors.

As you know, INFICON is the number 1 detector in the field of gas leak detectors and is used as a laboratory device. However, in the factory conditions of our country, unfortunately, this working environment is not as clean and sterile as the laboratory. Considering such factors , INFICON gas leak detectors need constant maintenance , calibration and general cleaning .

The motor insurance system that we have developed as HAKO Elektronik finds solutions to all of these questions. HAKO Elektronik COMMITS TO CONTINUOUS OPERATION OF YOUR DEVICES DURING THE INSURANCE PERIOD, by performing all elements such as general inspection of the devices, replacement of spare parts and consumables if necessary, calibration in quarterly periods.

If it is necessary to summarize this whole process;

You can think of our motor insurance system as a vehicle insurance system and include it in the insurance system at a very low price compared to the price of the device and ensure that your devices work continuously during the insurance contract. HAKO Elektronik is focused on customer satisfaction and does not charge any fee other than the contract amount for all technical service services, spare parts and consumable changes made to the devices during the insurance period.

You can contact us for detailed information about our insurance system.

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